Olivia is a relational guide, herbalist and yogini.

She is devoted to helping you live in alignment with your innate wisdom, through the path of relationship. Including relationship with your inner life, with others, and with our natural world. She is on the mission of authentic love and liberation. Helping you not just feel more free, but actually be free in your body, heart, mind and life.

When Olivia is not offering sessions she is out growing and gathering medicine and blending for her signature botanical collection.



Olivia’s formal study and practice in the Nyingma yogic tradition of Tibetan Buddhism began in her early twenties. This journey has offered her ancient methods to explore what creates suffering and what brings the happiness that we all desire. These teachings are the foundation of her understanding of what it is to truly know our selves and what creates a meaningful life.

Over the last decade she has studied with different relationship mentors. Learning how to be in genuine empowered relationship and how to open up greater wakeful connection. She offers her personal experience as well as techniques to shift and open ways of relating into new territory, meeting a person on many different levels of their being for deep transformation.

Olivia has six years of intensive formal herbal and holistic health training which includes David Winston’s two-year Therapeutics’ School of Botanical Medicine with a focus on Western, Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Cherokee herbal medicine. Rosemary Gladstar’s course on the Art and Science of Herbology. Mentorship with Dr. Andrew Apollo on Traditional Chinese diagnosis, herbal formulation and general system diagnosis, and apprenticeship with herbalist Clare Pierson.

Olivia has tended gardens, farms and gathered plants and flowers since her late teens. These days she soley grows and wildcrafts for her company.