Tea ceremony is a simple yet formal practice of drinking tea to awaken embodied presence. It is held in the ancient chinese form of tea called cha dao, the way of tea.  This nourishing form of meditation helps the modern mind and body, relax and receive.  It is also a connected meditation, which is focused on the collective experience.

During each ceremony Olivia brews herbal plants, often which she grows or gathers and offers the medicinal benefits of the teas present.  All tea is herbal, chemical-free, wild or ecologically grown and caffeine free.

You are welcome to come with all of you: questions, curiosities, excitement, grief, love, fullness, emptiness. You will be met completely.

Tea ceremony can be offered in a more formal or casual way.  Tea is a wonderful addition to retreats, celebrations and gathering. Including weddings, birthdays, and showers.  Tea offers an alternative to alcohol.  These ceremonies can make a wonderful gifts and can be welcomed into our lives just because we are called to them. A formal ceremony usually goes between 1 – 2 hours.

For inquiries please contact Olivia here or email oliviaclementineco@gmail.com

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