Custom Herbal Alchemy

These sessions are for acute and chronic health imbalances
boosting your general state of vitality and well-being,
and for emotional obstacles such as stress, anxiety and grief.

Custom formulated herbal medicine is made following each session.
These are charged separately. Generally each herbal blend
is $25 – $30 + shipping

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30 min. Session | $80
1 hour Session | $150

1 hour session is recommended for chronic or deeper wellbeing imbalances

Once you book, we will be in touch. 
Sessions can be done in person, by phone or through skype

If you are interested in becoming a client, and have questions, you can send an email to Olivia, or send a note through here.

Discounted fees: If you have a limited budget we offer discounted fees for clients who cannot afford the full fees. Please contact Olivia for details.



Olivia’s thorough and targeted approach to solving my health woes were unlike any other I’ve ever experienced.  Her gentle and nurturing demeanor provided me with the space and opportunity to discuss every detail, which Olivia met with total and careful attention.  She has an incredible ability for narrowing in on the root issues at hand.  Her approach is holistic, measured and highly effective.  She is engaged and trusting, and takes all of the anxiety out of the process.  You know you are in good hands with Olivia on your side!

EE, New York, NY

Working with Olivia is such a joyful, empowering experience. Her consults have made a remarkable improvement with fatigue, mood swings, and skin issues I’ve dealt with. I appreciate that she considers my whole health and daily routine when making recommendations. The regular follow up she provides has given me the opportunity to build continuity with her as a client. I had never been to an herbalist before, and now I consider Olivia to be an important resource for my health.

SB, Columbia County, NY

I would recommend that any woman work with Olivia for postpartum support. This postpartum time period historically saw women surrounded and enveloped by other women, by wise medicine women, healers and caretakers. We have lost that in our society, but Olivia provides it, she really does, and sitting in her presence (even over Skype!) will feel supportive. I could go on and on, so I will just say Olivia is the real deal, and I wholeheartedly recommend her work. <3

TL, Ojai CA

This is all seriously so amazing, Olivia, I cannot believe I have waited so long to work with you on all of this!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  It is really unbelievably helpful and I feel so supported.

EY, New York

Through Olivia’s deep inquisitive nature I am able to explore more of what is going on in my own healing process than I would at first glance, making the journey of healing a co-collaborative creative process. Her respect and love for the plants as a long time farmer/gardener brings in a much needed perspective of their actual physicality and also one of reveling in the pure beauty that these plants are. With a breath of knowledge ranging from the plants growing conditions to their medicinal constituents. Olivia is able to look at them from a 360 point of view combining that with her knowledge of the human body and her study of its healing processes.

DD, Maine

I have been receiving help from Olivia with my meditation practices and herbal treatment for an ongoing gum tissue disease.  The guided meditation sessions have proven to be a simple and effective method towards significantly reducing daily stress in my life. Not only has it reduced stress, but the meditation coupled with her prescribed herbal mouthwash has also reduced the inflammation of my gums.  She has been diligent and flexible in finding just the right fit for my needs. These two newly incorporated daily habits have made me a happier and healthier person.

TS, Wisconsin

Image: Beth Kirby