We each have the possibility to live in alignment with our true path.  The quality of our relationships is at the heart of living a life that is meaningful and true. Relationship to self, other and our world.

I specialize in helping individuals, couples, groups and companies create genuine relationships and have fulfilling lives.

I offer both methods, insight and advice.

These Sessions are for you if want any of the following:

  • Deepen in connection with yourself and your relationships
  • Learn your blind spots
  • Receive support and guidance during a challenging time
  • Reawaken from stagnation
  • Receive connection and understanding about your world
  • Find clarity and insight about a situation
  • Relate not from your conditioning, but to it
  • Learn how to share feedback in a way that can be received
  • Shed defensiveness without abandoning boundaries
  • Find your gifts and embody your wisdom and strengths
  • Learn listening skills that help people in your life feel understood
  • Settle into your courage, beauty and truth
  • Develop genuine connection in your life
  • Heal old wounding and trauma
  • Find out what is blocking you from being in relationship
  • Come to clarity and insight about how you actually feel and what you actually want
  • Bring meaning and magic into ordinary moments
  • Live easefuly in your body, heart and minds
  • Open to whatever comes your way with less fear and more curiosity
  • More intimacy and a deepening in love
  • Feel moment to moment fulfillment.


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Relationships that can be explored

Inner Relationship

Understanding yourself is essential. We explore not only what brings you joy but how to deepen the goodness in your life.We explore how to befriend what triggers and worries you so you are no longer at the mercy of these ghosts. Often so much of our lives, the choices we make are decided by these fears.

There is no limit to what you can experience in this lifetime. You are your only limit. I offer you tools to work with your mind, heart and body so you can continue to expand your potential and come into your full expression.

Personal Relationship

When our personal relationships are thriving, our life benefits. Harvard did a study over 80 years that came to the conclusion that what keeps us most vital in the long term is having healthful relationships. I help you learn to have meaningful relationships without abandoning yourself. Whether you are looking for love, or in a relationship I offer methods to help you align with your truth. Whether you are wanting to improve how you connect with friends, family or lovers I offer tools to expand your communication so you can learn to truly be present with yourself and another. This is essential in keeping a relationship vibrant over the long term as well as necessary to work with conflict in a wakeful manner.

Work Relationship

Often in the work place so much gets pushed under the carpet. There is fear to speak up and fear to be too personal. I guide individuals and groups in learning how to deepen in your skills of understanding each another as well as sharing from a more authentic place. I support methods to allow creativity and innovation to dawn, opening your mind to the present experience of potential. I offer skills to welcome an environment of appreciation and one where people are truly seen. In this space energy, productivity and inspiration becomes plentiful.

Elemental Relationship

We are made up of the elements. To deny our relationship with our Earth world, we deny ourselves. I support you in forging deeper connections with our elemental-scape. Relearning what it is, to be a steward and student of our verdant world. Nature has countless lessons to offer us in the realms of generosity, beauty, kindness, imagination, peace and health. I offer sessions in nature and about nature to remember this essential relationship. To reawaken and inspire us back into our ground of wholeness found in this connection.

When our relationships are vibrant, we expand in power and love.
Here we have an inner compass that is unwavering.
Tethered to our freedom and wisdom.
Sending warmth and appreciation for your journey


When I sit in a session with Olivia, I feel the deepest parts of me that long to be heard and felt completely welcomed by her presence alone. I believe it is in part due to her devotion to her spiritual practice and in part because of all the dedication and years of training and applying relational work as a path to liberation. I find myself learning a new language and the option to speak my needs in places where I was once stuck. This work puts me into a flow I can’t totally describe in words, because it is beyond them yet also offers you the tools to ground into your experience in a more full and loving way.

It has been hard for me to receive such deep acknowledgement and care over the years and working with Olivia raises my bar of worth and deep self care and knowledge.

Her insights and wisdom feel like they come from a pure and loving place inside that when we share that time together I can rest assured that I am growing, that I am being more honest and connected to the constant well of fulfillment inside my heart.

I find my relationships and ability to be present with my own clients move into new territory. Places a part of me is longing to go but get afraid and resistant to something new. These sessions help me be new, and more me at the same time. Like a huge love mirror reflecting what is arising in my heart, body and mind in ways I cannot see myself.

Olivia is a healer and dharma teacher. Go to her if you are seeking a deeper and more authentic connection to yourself, and want to work on healing the old trauma that may be holding you back from living in alignment with your true luminous nature. If you are heartbroken, feeling stuck around communication or a connection to Spirit she will help you open new doors and give you the practical tools you need to articulate your needs and emotions with more confidence. Work wth Olivia if you are wanting to not just feel more free, but actually get more free in your body, heart, mind and life. She is a heart warming, liberation sharer and just being in her energy will help heal the parts of you that have forgotten who they are, why they came here and how loved they truly are.

Olivia’s wisdom and intuition constantly amaze me. She is a deep listener and healer. I am so thankful for her support and her commitment to my process. I came with a lot of old baggage from past relationships and general life regrets. She meets me with understanding and profound reflection regarding what we encounter in our daily life as human beings. She provides me with ways to modify my point of view for less struggle and more compassion. My thought patterns and love of life have significantly shifted. I feel alive and pleasure rather than always wishing for it. I highly recommend her.

The thing I find most transformative about working with Olivia in her relational work is the way she holds a space for every possibility.  I also feel her loving the parts of me that are in doubt and afraid to be vulnerable and seen. Olivia holds so much tenderness in her own body that you feel ok to just be yourself. Her insights and reflections really resonated with me and helped me have the practical tools to cultivating more self love and be open to exactly where i was at. This for me is invaluable and offers the most potent and dynamic healing.

If you are looking to get closer to your own heart and cultivate more language around intimacy and relating you should book a session with her RIGHT NOW! If you aren’t sure what you need but could use some guidance and feel stuck when it comes to relationships her sessions will unleash a part of you that may have been hiding for a long time.

A session with Olivia feels like full permission to be myself. With that comes an increased sense of freedom, emotional and physical release and ease. As a guide she embodies a clear, grounded mirror and collaborates with you and the energy moment by moment to enable exploration of the internal landscape, and to create space for spontaneous discovery and joy to come in. After the first session I experienced immediately noticeable shifts in relating with myself, my partner and others.  I am excited and grateful for these sessions.

Olivia is the key that unlocked the door to my truth. She has helped me learn so much about myself. Over the last 3 years, I have felt, on a basic soul level, I was not living my truth. While I knew this in my heart, I could never discover my true purpose, that next step. It always seemed so elusive and blurred. But now it’s all so clear, so obvious. And I’m not sure I could have done this on my own, without Olivia’s vast knowledge base. Having her as a guide, a resource and for support made all the difference.

Olivia Clementine is a gift to whoever enters her domain. She will open you to the gifts and joys of your nature through plants and presence. This dear woman lives in the magical, mysterious places of consciousness. She celebrates her love and light with plant friends and human friends. I invite you to enter on this journey with her that will enlighten and enhance your whole world.

Oh, I’m feeling so much more relieved since we last spoke. I’ve placed into practice what words we had shared and already it feels like the process is pacing itself along. You cannot believe, or perhaps you very well can, how very more attuned to myself that I feel. I cannot express the appreciation that I have for what you’ve done in listening, reflecting, and the healing that you offer in just your being. Thank you, with all of me, thank you.