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Olivia Clementine is devoted to supporting a path of harmony through our relationship with our natural world, our inner life and with each other.  When she is not growing and gathering plant medicine, she works with individuals and groups. She serves the community through handmade herbal blends, sessions, herbal consultations, workshops and retreats

Olivia’s work has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Edible Hudson Valley, Shambala Times, The Local Rose, Annapurna Living, and Live the Process.

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For six years Olivia formally studied herbalism and holistic health.  She continues her studies with mentors and the earth to deepen her understanding of plant medicine and well-being.  Her training includes:

  • David Winston’s two year Therapeutics’ School of Botanical Medicine with a focus on Western, Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Cherokee herbal medicine.
  • Mentorship with Andrew Apollo on Traditional Chinese diagnosis, herbal formulation and general system diagnosis.
  • Rosemary Gladstar’s course on the Art and Science of Herbology.
  • Seasons of apprenticeship with herbalist and mentor Clare Pierson.


Through a personal desire for liberation and to be of benefit, the exploration of the nature of mind and genuine relationship has been at the center of her life.  Glimpses of her continual journey include:

  • Study and practice in the field of communication, self-expression and relationship.
  • Relational Coach Training and mentorship with Jess Nichols.  
  • Buddhist practitioner and student


Olivia has spent over a decade tending gardens and farms.  Including:


Much of the healing Olivia has received through her life has sprung from being in the fresh air, under the stars, and connecting with the natural world.  She feels eternally indebted to this beautiful place we are endlessly provided by.  Since Olivia was 15 she has run environmental groups.  She has lead organizations in fostering sustainable practices including work with the Rainforest Action Network and Shambhala Mountain Center.